Hy’s Encore Steakhouse and Cocktail Bar – 37 Hornby Street, Vancouver

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I feel very fortunate that both my Father and my Sisters birthdays fall very close to each other. Why? Because it means its an excuse to go out for an expensive dinner that I don’t have to pay for. In addition, since my sister and my dad have no desire to stare at food all day like I do, I get to pick the restaurant! Every year for my birthday I go to Gotham’s because for some reason I have a soft spot for their steak and lobster. Since I didn’t want to repeat the same place I had gone for my birthday, but had to find a place that would accomodate a sister who is a naturopath, a mom who doesn’t eat red meat, a brother and dad who only eat red meat and me who eats everything! I decided to try Hy’s Encore as I had heard good things about it.

The night did not start off well with our waitress spilling water all over our table. The whole table setting had to be removed and reset. It was an unfortunate way to start the birthday celebrations, but the waitress was very apologetic. We asked one of the waiters what a good appetizer would be and were recommended the cheese toast for two ($5.95). Now I dont usually associate fancy steakhouses with cheese toast but after a quick lookup on the internet It was all anyone could talk about when they mentioned Hy’s so we went ahead and ordered two anyway. It had to be good to have made VanMags.Com’s 101 Things To Eat And Drink In Vancouver 2009 list. I wasn’t very impressed with the presentation. It looked soggy and greasy and was served in a bowl with an aluminum foil lining of some sort.

I was pleasantly surprised with the toast. It had a great depth of flavour that I wasn’t expecting. These weren’t your average cheeses on this toast, though I could definitely taste some cheddar. It was delicious, it had been a little overhyped by online reviews, and It was a little bit too oily but how can bread and cheese ever really be bad. According to VanMag.com the cheese toast consists of Parmesan, Romano, Swiss, and medium Cheddar melted over three-quarter-inch slabs of homemade bread, a lot of clarified butter and a dash of Hy’s steak seasoning salt

I ordered my steakhouse staple Steak and Lobster (52.95) your choice of a filet mignon or New York strip steak served with a broiled lobster tail and lemon butter. I prefer filet mignon, and so ordered filet mignon and twice baked and stuffed potato.

This was easily the best steak and lobster I have ever eaten. There was a crispy char on the outside and the inside was cooked to a perfect medium rare. It wasn’t tough at all and just melted in my mouth. The lobster was sweet and though I was disappointed that it was lemon butter and not garlic butter like Gothams, it had incredible flavour so I had no problems with it.. The potato to my surprise was more like a mashed potato with a nice crust on top, beautifully presented. The waiter came out with a cart full of fixing such as sour cream, bacon and chives to put on top.

My sister being the naturopath and trying not to eat “excessive amounts of red meat” decided to also go for a Jumbo Broiled Atlantic Lobster ($52.95) which is broiled and served with lemon butter. 

That lobster really was JUMBO. It was a tad sweeter than mine and pink. The menu said it was atlantic but did not specify what mine had been. She opted for rice as her starch. It looked a little bland.

My brother, just like when he is at gotham’s ,ordered a porterhouse steak. Im glad he had seen 604Munchies blog about their being the possibility of getting an even bigger steak!

He opted for home fries which were good but nothing compared to the twice baked potato.

For dessert they brought out a complimentary chocolate bourbon cake for my sister. It was fudgey and delicious, with a strong bourbon flavour.

They also brought out a plain cheesecake with a strawberry topping for my dad! The cheesecake was the perfect way to end the birthday dinner. I don’t think I could have eaten one more bite.

The meal was incredible and the steak and lobster went aove and beyond my expectations of it. It was very sweet of them to bring two desserts with candles. Details like candles and complimentary desserts on birthdays are what really separate one restaurant from another. I would most definitely go back and might even be changing my standard birthday restaurant from Gotham’s to Hy’s Encore.

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