Zak’s Diner – 14 Byward Street, Ottawa

Zak's Diner on Urbanspoon
With one day to roam around Ottawa I decided I would be as touristy as I possibly could. Aside from seeing our nations parliament buildings I most definitely had to check out the Byward Market. Byward Market makes me feel like I am on a small street in paris with its cute little bakeries and street vendors. Except at Byward they are selling maple syrup and fresh fruit, instead of crepes! I am a sucker for diners so I decided on Zak’s Diner right on Byward Street.

The menu is EXHAUSTIVE! This picture was only ONE SIDE! Here is the other one:

The menu had so many interesting items I wanted to try. The best part about having a boyfriend is getting to try twice and many foods as you would usually get to. And having someone to finish it off when you inevitably order too much food because you can’t decide. Between the two of us we split one banana-chocolate milkshake.

One milkshake is $6.50 and with its refill tin it makes exactly two standard size milkshakes. The sever was kind enough to let us know so that we didn’t order two of them. The banana flavour was a little overpowering, but the milkshake was incredibly creamy and rich.

It was only lunch and I had already decided where I wanted to get dessert after so we decided on two sandwiches. Every sandwich at Zak’s is Served with coleslaw and dill and one of the following: Caesar, pasta, greek or garden salad, fries, rings, mashed potatoes or soup. So many choices! We chose a spicy buffalo chicken club with onion rings ($10.99) and a jumbo grilled cheese sandwich and fries which were upgraded to a poutine  for $2.50.

The onion rings were crispy on the outside, sweet on the inside and not too oily. The sandwich was average. It was nice that it was a full white meat chicken breast. Comparable to a Boston Pizza buffalo chicken sandwich but with a soft hamburger style bun.

The grilled cheese sandwich was bland and the bread was incredibly hard. I was a little disappointed by it but the poutine made up for it. There was so much I was barely able to finish it.

All in all it was an okay lunch. I probably wouldn’t go back if I was in Ottawa again. It had a great decor and the staff was very friendly but with so much to see do and eat in Ottawa it wouldn’t be high on my list of priorities.

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