Whitecastle – 1930 Michigan Avenue, Detroit

White Castle on Urbanspoon
During our trip to toronto it came to the attention of me and my friends that our beloved Vancouver Canucks were playing the detroit Red Wings only 3 and a half hours south of us. It was unanimously decided that a road trip would have to be made. The decision was last minute and some last minute phone calls were made to workplaces, everyone soon came down with “that 24 hours flu thats been going around”. It was totally worth it. Not only did the Canucks, in true Canucks fashion, tie it with 15 seconds left in the third period and then win it in shootout. LUUUUUUU. I also got to check Whitecastle off the list of restaurants I wish to eat at before I die.

I know it’s cliche but after watching Harold and Kumar go to Whitecastle I just had to know  what all the fuss was about. That movie came out in 2004, so this meal had 8 years worth of buildup.

Upon our arrival in detroit we first got lost on our way to Joe Louis Arena and ended up in an area that would less than kosher in my opinion, but on the plus side we eventually ended up at a Whitecastle.

I was mildly put off by the bullet proof glass separating me and the cashier, but nothing was going to stand between me and my cheeseburger sliders. Between the four of us we ordered 10 Regular Hamburger Sliders ($0.69 Each) , 10 Cheeseburger Sliders ($.0.84 Each) two orders of Fries ($1.49), and a Medium Drink. 

You can see form the picture above that a medium drink is GINORMOUS, and the sliders are a decent size.

I started with a cheeseburger slider the buns are very soft and squishy. The cheeseburger was good, a square cutout of meat processed cheese, onions, pickles, and sauce. The onions and sauce really add a great deal to the cheeseburger in terms of flavour.

The regular hamburger just didn’t live up to the salty gooeyness of the cheeseburger. Same ingredients, but no cheese, and everyone knows everything is better with cheese!

The drink was massive, but other than that fountain Coke is Coke no matter which restaurant you are at. The fries were good but no different than a pack of frozen McCain crinkle cut fries. I was full by the end of the meal but wasn’t wowed. It was an inexpensive meal with all four of us eating for around $25 so I definitely have to give credit where credit is due. Whitecastle is good value for your money. It is definitely no In and Out or Five Guys though.

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