NFA: No Fixed Address Underground Restaurant

This year for my birthday I went to great lengths to get a reservation at NFA. I even booked it in January for a June reservation. Last year’s birthday at 12B had been amazing and I wanted more!  Chef Steve and Chef Todd have very different styles. The atmosphere at Chef Todd’s was laid back and relaxed, wine in mason jars, weirdly shaped table and hearty meat and seafood dishes. Chef steve has a more refined long dark wood table. perfect place settings and a very formal look to his place.

No judgement. I loved the ambiance in both restaurants. They both do their own respective styles very well.

We started with a deconstructed beet salad, with golden and red beets, smoked salmon, avocado, raspberries and slivered almonds. It was to die for. Easily my favorite dish of the night. It was simple and elegant and really surprising to my palate that the flavours went so well together.

The salad was followed by a course of duck breast. The duck was cooked perfectly. The curried lentil underneath wasn’t outstanding but the incredibly succulent duck was more than enough to satisfy me.

The next course was a large serving of Arctic Char in a miso broth. The char was good, nothing special and the miso was flavourful but a little salty. I loved the large portion

There was also an entree of tuna in a lemongrass sauce. The tuna was very good but the lemongrass sauce really stole the show. Despite me DESPISING cilantro it was a very good dish and the little balls on top of the fish were really really good.

The two sweet dishes of the meal included a double chocolate sorbet served in a cute individual spoon serving. The alcohol in the sorbet was very strong and overpowered the delicate flavours in the sorbet.

We ended the night with a creme brulee. I was disheartened to find out out i could not make GIANT creme brulees in my dutch oven that I had received for my birthday. A crushing realization. but nevertheless I ate all of my creme brulee before even thinking about taking a picture of it*oops*. It really was very we done with a perfect crisp exterior. Some of my guests found this dessert to be incredibly alcoholic as well. Chef steve mentioned that he had flavoured it with some sort of alcohol, I enjoyed it, but to each their own!

Overall it was a good night. I was a little disappointed with the food nothing was bad or done poorly but only one dish really blew my mind which was the deconstructed beet salad. I would have prefered for their to be a dish with some sort of red meat. Chef Todd really set the bar very high at my last birthday and though I loved chef Steve’s ambiance and refined style the food was lacking a little something for me.

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